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Yoga comes from the same place as Ayurveda but people find it a more familiar practice because it’s been in the West for many decades. There are so many yoga styles out there, but they all basically come from the original Hatha yoga as described in the old texts. My own experience with yoga spans across the broad spectrum. I’ve done it all over a decade and a half, but where I land now is in a very gentle, slow breath-focused yoga based on alignment, balance, strength-building and most importantly--making space in the body for the breath. Yoga is a game changer when it comes to the breath, or Prana, as it is described in Ayurveda. And this well achieved breath is the foundation of health and equinimity in life.

The poses, the breath-work, the meditations— they all possess incredible powers of rejuvenation if done properly. I also practice a type of yoga that I think is designed for the long term. Many yogas are only doable by the very young, nimble or genetically predisposed (gymnastic contortionists, anyone?). I'm not sure that many people will be able to continue these practicies past their twenties, thirties or even forties. I like to practice something that will support my body as it presents itself each day—a series that creates a mindful approach to movement for my life as I age and change. Sometimes I am more tired, sore or even more emotional. Yoga can support all of this. I have learned I can bring all of myself to this yoga—I have learned that I can always get something powerful and needed from it. I'm also learning that it's important for me to bring the mindfulness of my breath, balance and strength into the rest of my life (not just on the mat) so that I can preserve my body and prevent injury. People tend to hurt themselves because they move too quickly or without thought, so much injury can be prevented with yoga practice.

I want to teach yoga that gives you the right amount of energy and flexibility for your day. This to me really has to do with getting that breath deeper—really oxyginating those cells and helping the body move with balance and fluidity. The mental aspect comes from the cultivation of compassion and acceptance of the body and its limitations. I think each pose is a poem that reveals itself through every body; what an endless book of poems we share through regular practice-- if we move slowly and listen to what the poses tell us about our body and its needs and limitations! The mind must tune out all the other notions about what it is doing (or is not doing) in each pose in order to hear the poem of each body, each day.

I am happier after I practice and I think that I want to feel this type of joy forever, so that’s the type of yoga I teach. I wanna do this yoga till I die, so I make a yoga that’s about sustaining this goal of long term joy through practice. I want to rise with age--not fade away!


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Ayurvedic body work offerings

Drea is a proud staff member of the Dhyana Center of Education and Therapeutics  (dhyanacenter,com) in Sebastopol, California and offers her services through this location.


Please contact the Dhyana center directly at (707) 823-8813 ext.103 or by email at

More information can be found about services offered at their website. ALSO--

Contact me directly at for in home bodywork, teachings, self care practices, herbalism, nutrition and yoga! 

available for ayurvedic body work and consultations
 Yoga Class 10:30am-noon Forestville Wellness Center


Yoga classes 9:30-11 and

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Ayurveda (AH-YUR-VEH-DAH) is a sanskrit term from the Vedic texts of India that roughly translates into “Art of Living.”

The term is used to describe a traditional medicine originating in India and based on elemental theory and a holistic approach to the body.

This integrated body-mind-spirit approach to self care includes yoga, nutrition, body work techniques, aromatherapy, plant medicine and energetics among many other practices.

As I see it, Ayurveda is a lifestyle of self awareness which helps you answer the question, “How well can I know my mindbodyspirit?”  Ayurveda provides an incredibly dynamic array of healing techniques that are assessable, low-cost and common sense for any body, in any state. I bring a modern western approach to my practice so that I can really translate the essence of this "science of life" for my clients and help them on whatever healing journey they undertake. 

People often ask me, “How do these old ideas from India work on people here and now??”  That's a great question! Ayurveda may be a very very old science from a far away region, but the basic elements (earth, fire water, air and ether) have not changed and neither have our human bodies, essentially. The science of the body and the physics of hot, cold, wet and dry are the unfolding components used to heal in Ayurveda. In fact, in many ways modern science is just now catching up with these ancient practices. With MRI, modern scientists now accept the Chakras, and as more is learned from Neuroscientists as they map the human brain, practices like meditation and sense therapy continue to be put forth as legitimate for disease prevention and healing. It’s just a matter of time before the entire interesting array of Ayurvedic science is investigated and integrated into what is already in practice in western medicine. Ayurveda is steadily on the rise--just ask any intigrative doctor and they will confirm this!

My personal experience in Ayurveda comes from years of working through chronic Lyme Disease. I used very basic practices to do deep healing over time, and along with herbal remedies, acupuncture and yoga, I am in better health than many afflicted by the same pathology. I was guided and mentored by a credible team of healers who handed me their tools and these teachings. I made the effort to do the work and I got way better. These same tools are used to manage my disease now, and they’re the same I help others with—hydration basics, methods of cleansing and many sacred practices. I often use what’s right here around the house (herbs from the yard, for example) and because of this, I am able to manage my own health and stay away from the doctor’s office. There will more than likely come a day when I need to visit the doctor again, but I am able to speak the language of the body and its systems so I am able to create a self care routine that not only empowers me in my own healing but doesn't conflict with any other modality of healing, including alopathic mediciine. That's a very hopeful place to heal from and that's what I get (and give) with Ayurveda.


available for ayurvedic body work and consultations
 Yoga Class 10:30am-noon Forestville Wellness Center
available for ayurvedic body work and consultations



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Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher
Ayurvedic Health Counselor
Certified Massage Practitioner
Clinical Herbalist

An Unconventional History
I am 46 years old and have been living in Forestville for 25 years. I am married and call three rescue Chihuahuas my kids. My background is in scholarly academics, coffee, technology, punk rock music and abstract art. I am an alumna of Sonoma State University with a BA in Liberal Arts and an MA in Rhetoric. I made a somewhat radical departure into the healing arts six years ago when I had to leave my job due to a serious undiagnosed illness which was later found to be Lyme disease. This life changing physical and emotional malady set me on a path of wellness that included Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, western herbal medicine and a number of healing modalities. I fought a successful battle with the disease and decided to use my experience to help others. I have also been the main caregiver for two parents who are now deceased, so I have years of personal experience working with sick, elderly and dying people. My journey along the path of wellness feels well trodden already and I am blessed to continue this journey in the service of others.
Formal Healing Arts Education
2014 Graduate of 256 hour Ayurvedic Clinical Program taught by DeAnna Batdorff, Dhyana Center of Therapeutics, Sebastopol, California
2014 Completion of 100 hour Anatomy and Physiology Program taught by Dr. Swami Kriyananda Kanda, Dhyana Center of Therapeutics, Sebastopol, California
2015 Graduate of 258 hour Massage Practitioner Program, Harbin School of Healing Arts, Middletown, California
2015 Graduate of 200 hour YA Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training, Dhyana Center Therapeutics, Sebastopol, California
2016 Graduate 100 hour Esalen massage program and another 150+ of study in various modalities at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California
2017 Graduate Roots of Herbalism 550 hour California School of Herbal Studies
2018 Graduate Intermediate Community Herbalist program California School of Herbal Studies
Professional Development
Active internship under DeAnna Batforff, Dhyana Center of Therapeutics, Sebastopol, California
Professional Member of National Ayurvedic Medicine Association

Andrea (Drea) Moore

About Me
I’m a sober herbalist peace punk!
Resident of Forestville 27 years.
Practicing Ayurveda since 2010.
Yoga since my twenties.
Graduate of California School of Herbal
Medicine --Roots and Intermediate courses
Came to traditional medicine after being diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease in 2011. Healed from Lyme using Ayurveda, yoga, acupuncture and herbal medicine.

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